425: Muscle Maturity; Pound for Pound Strength

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You know how you’ll hear people like Jeff or say Philip Ricardo Jr. who are top competitors in their 40s talk about the so called muscle maturity they have now that they didn’t have in their younger competitive years. Like no one can seem to explain it fully, but it just seems that the longer you’ve been lifting the muscle just looks a little different through the skin and no matter how ripped you get as a younger competitor you can’t seem to achieve quite the same grainy or granite like look at the older guys. So what is it – what makes their muscle looks different. Well when I saw today’s research study on muscle quality I thought maybe – and again I’m just theorizing and guessing, but I thought maybe I might find some clues or answers. John always reviews the full-text of every article, but you may view the free abstract by clicking here:

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